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Work displayed in alphabetical order.
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ADP – Next Gen HCM Product Demo Microsite
Product demonstration microsite dedicated to displaying ADP's Next Generation Human Capital Management solutions.

January–March 2020  |  Malka Media (Mike Mahon, Eric Williams, John Hull, Etan Nechin)  |  Digital Design, Content Strategy
ADP – The Future of Pay Data Visualization
Concept work for a Future of Pay Data Visualization microsite.
March 2020  |  Malka Media (Mike Mahon)  |  Digital Design
Deloitte – U.S. BMC Livestream Microsite
The home for the 2020 Deloitte US Best Managed Companies awards ceremony.
June 2020  |  Malka Media (Mike Mahon, John Hull)  |  Digital Design
Joyful Interaction
A book showcasing a joy-centered design philosophy.

2017  |  UW Design Study Abroad  |  Photography, Writing, Book Design, Book Binding

Limeade – User Onboarding
Designed Limeade's onboarding experience to spark curiosity and commitment for new users.​​​​​​

July–September 2018  |  Limeade  |  UX Design Internship
Makeability Lab – Smarthome Sound Visualization
A system to visualize everyday, in-home sound for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals.

January–June 2019  |  Makeability Lab (Dhruv Jain, Jon Froehlich, Leah Findlater)  |  Design Research Assistant
ODX – Glass Design System
A component library and design token system built for a white-labeled, enterprise software product.

2019–Present  |  ODX (Gabby Manotoc), Team Design Studio (John Clark)  |  Product Design
ODX – Marketing Site
A customer-facing marketing website to speak to a highly technical audience and give personality to an enterprise software product.

2019  |  Team Design Studio (John Clark, Jiayue Li, Devin Sager)  |  Digital Design, Content Strategy
Pfizer – Digital Roadshow Microsite, Chief Business Office, Emerging Markets, R&D Compliance, etc.
A smattering of internal websites covering data visualization, gamified experiences, information presentation, marketing, and more.
July–December 2019  |  Team Design Studio (John Clark, Amy Globus)  |  Digital Design, Content Strategy
University of Washington – Showbook 2019
Interactive, publication-based installation showcasing 53 University of Washington School of Design Graduates.

April–June 2019  |  Class of 2019 (Chloe Corriveau and Team)  |  Creative Direction, Exhibition Design
Write is an online writing space to help you communicate with the people you love.​​​​​​​ 

April–June 2019  |  UW Design Capstone (Nathan Foster)  |  Research, Prototyping, Design, Marketing

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