Matt Wright

I'm a digital designer living in Seattle, Washington. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at Mercury and I maintain a small freelance practice called Internet Design Company on the side. Outside of work, I spend time with my partner and our dog, repair home espresso machines, and resell used designer furniture.

I received my design education from The University of Washington where I studied Interaction Design. I originally intended to study Industrial Design to focus on how I could make an impression with physical objects and spaces. However, after discovering the user-centric principles of Interaction Design, I fell in love with the discipline. It allowed me the flexibility to solve problems in any way I saw fit – whether the deliverable was physical, digital, or print.

I'm particularly interested in the finance and healthcare industries. Financial well-being and health are always on people's minds. These industries also have a tremendous amount of tech debt and are always in need of fresh ideas.