In my freelance practice, I work for clients and partner with studios on Design Systems, Web and App Design, Design Audits, Visual Design, and Strategy. I've worked with ADP, Barstool Sports, BibleProject, Deloitte, Pfizer, and ODX.
BibleProject Design System
Partnering with FiveStone to build out a design system for the BibleProject.
Freelance Art Director and Consultant
February 2021–Present
BibleProject Design Audit
Partnered with FiveStone to create a 65-page audit document for the BibleProject. The document contained: a UI audit focused on a component and design token review; design and design systems feedback covering brand design, mental models, UX practices, UI practices, accessibility, and micro-interactions; and product feedback analyzing the system design of their current products.
Freelance Design Auditor
January–February 2021
Barstool Sportsbook Landing Page
Partnered with Malka Media to create a landing page for Barstool Sportsbook that utilized Barstool’s bold art direction and allowed for a regularly updating display of promotions. This was a fun, quick turnaround project where I could combine accessible digital design and bold visuals.
Freelance Digital Designer
August 2020
Deloitte Best Managed Companies Livestream Microsite
Partnered with Malka Media to me to whip up an elegant, modern way for Best Managed Companies Conference attendees to watch the Livestream of a large-scale event. I experimented with the display of information on top of a live video stream, with the information having a semi-transparent background to ensure the user is always in the conference environment.
Freelance Digital Designer
June 2020
ADP Wisely Data Visualization
Partnered with Malka Media to develop some really sweet concepts for this ADP Wisely Data Visualization Microsite. It was really fun to push the boundaries of their design system and explore data visualization.
Freelance Digital Designer
March 2020
ADP Product Demonstration Microsite
Partnered with Malka Media to lead the design and oversee QA and content strategy for an ADP product demonstration microsite. When I joined, the project was just getting off the ground. This allowed me to create the art direction, visual design, and conceptual framework for the experience.
Freelance Digital Designer
January–March 2020
ODX Decisioning Platform
Partnered with Team to redesign the existing ODX Decisioning Platform. Also took this time to take a fist pass at the ODX Design System which eventually became ODX Glass.
Freelance Digital Designer
Various Pfizer Projects
Partnered with Team to design many internal Pfizer microsites to visualize data, educate employees, and market internal departments.
Freelance Digital Designer
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