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I started by mapping out a 10-week timeline starting at research and culminating with a showcase of the finalized project at the University of Washington Design Show.

I created online surveys and read articles to conduct fast-paced, primary and secondary generative research. I extracted data from survey responses and relevant articles onto sticky notes and organized sticky notes by themes. I consolidated themes and properly titled them to derive 10 research insights which I used to develop design principles and guide design iterations.

Organizing and synthesizing research data.

Coding data into groups before deriving insights from the groups.

Research insights from my Google Slides process document

I created and led a 2x2 Workshop where participants (other Interaction Design students) were assigned a randomly generated 2x2 matrices and were tasked with developing as many design ideas as possible related to the matrices in a limited amount of time. I then conducted informal group debrief sessions, gathered personal stories about communication, and used the ideas as a basis for my design explorations.

2x2 Workshop

Organizing concepts from 2x2 workshop

After the workshop I narrowed the 10 insights into three key insights and developed a “How Might We…?” statement as my source of truth for the rest of the project. With interaction design guidance from Audrey Desjardins and visual design guidance Karen Cheng I then conceptualized and designed an online letter-writing platform with a unique user experience, logical navigation system, and refined aesthetic.

"How Might We" statement and refined insights from my Google Slide document

Positioning Write on a Personal to Social and Structured to Freeform 2x2 matrix

I worked with Nathan Foster to develop the site. We established an MVP, navigated issues as they arose, and landed on a polished and presentable product for the UW Design Show. I developed clever marketing materials by printing on sticky notes and envelopes to promote Write for the upcoming show.

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