My main focus at Limeade was to redesign the onboarding experience to spark excitement, curiosity, and commitment.

Landing Page

Sign Up Page

Activity Selection Page

The process began with sketching our current experience and doing secondary research on enterprise software onboarding experiences.
After documenting the current experience, I switched from a whiteboard to a cork board, and began to sketch out designs informed by our secondary research.

These paper prototypes allowed me to make quick iterations and remove unnecessary screens.
Early Iteration

An early Landing Page iteration

I began to work hand-in-hand with the content team to develop messaging that would inspire the user. Limeade was very good at talking to enterprise clients, however, they struggled to relate with the end user.

The questions I began to ask about messaging lead to larger discussions, pulling in numerous folks from the content team, other designers, and eventually the leadership team.

The design steadily moved forward with the content and was handed off to be finalized after the summer was over.
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