ODX is a subsidiary of OnDeck that enables banks to automate small business lending for profitable growth.

I worked alongside ODX leadership and other designers at Team to create a trustworthy, modern, and relatable marketing website for potential clients of ODX to relate to. In this project, we transformed the existing ODX brand from an early stage startup to a modern, FinTech company. After kickstarting the project with Devin Sager and exploring a few directions, I led the visual design of the project and collaborated with Jiayue Li to bring the illustration assets to life.

This ODX Marketing Website explains and markets the work I did previously with the ODX Decision Console. This website serves as a tool to market to leadership at financial institutions.
Redesigned Home
Existing Home
The existing home page was a step in the right direction when the company was starting, but with limited functionality (page anchors instead of individual pages) and an overpowering color palette, the ODX marketing page didn't mirror the advanced technology powering the ODX platform.
Selected Visual Explorations
Component Styles
These components were created to balance lifestyle imagery, simplified UI from the ODX platform, and a relatable, human illustration style. 
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