UW Computer Science Department Design Research
I worked with the UW Computer Science Department as a design researcher. I created smart home interfaces to visualize sound for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. The purpose of this device is to help users be aware of high priority sounds in the home (alarms, running water, footsteps, voices, etc.) as well as helping to visualize the ambient sounds that add character and comfort to the home (birds chirping, the sound of a dishwasher running, etc.)

I worked in tandem with Dhruv (DJ) Jain, a graduate student who developed, tested, and provided feedback on the experiences.

Previous Iterations
My job was to iterate on the MVP, which is currently being tested in users homes, as well as conceptualize what the future of this device may look like. All of my research and design work was conducted alongside Dhruv Jain and others who worked on this paper for the ACM CHI Conference 2019.​​​​​
This concept work focuses on user interaction with the system—specifically on sound identification. We are exploring three methods of in-home sound identification:

1. System Identifies the sound then asks for a user confirmation.
2. User looks at sound representation, marks area(s) of interest, and then system alerts user next time similar area(s) occur(s).
3. User records sound, system tags sound and identifies it next time it occurs.
Past Concept Development
Page 10 - Dear Data
Page 10 - Dear Data
Page 18 - Dear Data
Page 18 - Dear Data

MVP Development
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